Uruguay Your Way


Latin America holds a special fascination for me. There are so many choices of beautiful and affordable places to live in the number of countries that make up this part of our planet. With a backdrop of modern amenities and European influences most people coming in from another part of the world can find relatable and lovely customs. Paving the way for a large ex-patriot community to enjoy is the democratic constitutional republic of Uruguay.

Uruguay your way is subjective. If you have found yourself in this far-away land then it’s likely you are a seasoned traveler. While Uruguay is ranked number one in Latin America as the most peaceful, democratic country with the least amount of corruption and a high standard of living, needless to say you still need to respect that every country is unique unto itself and not a knock-off of where you previously lived. There are differences that require adjustments and integration.

The capital of Uruguay, Montevideo, is home to big city life that rivals well known cities anywhere in the world. Fine dining, modern cuisine, art galleries, concerts and a variety of cultural events are all part of the life of a Montevideon. The total population of Uruguay is only 3.4 million, with approximately half living in Montevideo. With the feel of a small town, Montevideo is divided into 62 neighborhoods that stretch over 200 square miles. For ex-pats one of the most popular locations within this desirable metropolis is Punta Carretas. Renting or buying is very reasonable. If considering buying in this coveted area you can find a two bedroom, 2 bath, 1,100 square foot apartment for a price tag of less than $100K US.

There are a lot of reasons this neighborhood is so readily sought after by foreigners. The general feel of safety and community are among the top persuasive factors. Also its proximity to parks and other conveniences lends the area to more outdoor living. A farmer’s market sets up every Tuesday and Saturday with all the fresh produce along with odds and ends the locals bring in from the countryside. Within the few blocks that make up this charming local you’ll find top tier restaurants and small cafes. Price tags for dinner or lunch come in under $10 US and you are never served a skimpy plate.

If you had hoped to improve your golf game in your retirement years – or for that matter take up the game, you’ll find an exclusive 18-hole golf club. You don’t have to be a member to play for free on Mondays. This Spanish speaking capital, is a find for those who prefer either a layed-back or an intercity active lifestyle.

For those who wish to incorporate adventure into their lives. The beach lined coast of Uruguay is dotted with villages and small towns that offer a variety of intrigue and exploits. The people are friendly and welcome “outsiders”. The Economist has ranked Uruguay as one of the most socially developed countries in the world.

For the next several articles I will take you to other countries in Latin America that also invite the ex-pat with open arms and a generous, reasonable lifestyle.

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