cotacachiThe ex-pat community is buzzing about the small country of Ecuador. When looking at all the criteria that make a new home-country desirable, Ecuador meets most of the prerequisites. Located on the equator of South America’s west coast, Ecuador offers warmth, but also the Andes Mountain range to the east placing the country in a stretch of glorious foothills. The climate varies with the altitude and proximity to the coast. Each brings different temperatures and environments. Choose from jungle, coastal or highland living.

The town that most intrigues me is Cotacachi, A two hour bus ride north of the capital city of Quito, it still retains a small town feel, but offers modern amenities. While you won’t see any tall office buildings or fancy services like limo rental dayton ohio, the town is always restoring and renovating in order to stay fresh and accommodating. It is a place known for its cleanliness and civic pride. A relatively large ex-pat community from all over the world have found it easy to call Cotacachi home.

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